About Kim's Glasswork

Glasswork crafted by Kim can best be described as "painting with glass". Colors are applied individually, under both Kim's careful eye and the torch's blazing heat, until another piece of art appears.

Kim find's the medium "intriguing" while the beholder finds it "amazing".

Kim's beads are available prestrung with coordinating beads and a lobster claw clasp that make for easy gift giving. These are ready to use as charms to hang on purses, cell phone cases or even keychain fobs for that person that has everything. They can even be attached to existing necklace chains as a drop.

For those who prefer to make their own jewelry creations, the beads are also sold "loose" to be used in any project that deserves an extra special "made it myself" touch.

As there are no two beads created alike and with each bead taking up to an hour or more to make, available beads and prices will vary to pieces on hand.

The beads crafted by Kim are as varied as the possible ideas for making them.

Some contain flowers:

Some two-part beads actually are tiny figures:

The Mermaid
The Mermaid

Some beads are really little vessels designed to hold a drop of perfume and worn as a fragrant pendant:

Beads that appear to have bright landscapes forever sealed in glass spheres are among the artist's favorite, and are fast becoming Kim's signature work: