Special note from Kim:

You may have noticed I am using more natural stones to accent my Lampworked Beads.

Here are a few of the semi-precious stones I use in my creations, and the qualities they are said to possess:

 Amazonite .. Confidence
 Amethyst .. Spiritual Lift
 Aventurine .. Happiness,
Physical Healing
 Black Onyx .. Helps to Change
 Carnelian .. Balance, Creativity
 Clear Quartz .. Creativity, Clarity of thought, Balance
 Jade .. Relaxation
 Malachite .. Harmony
 Pearl .. Accept Love
 Rose Quartz .. Love, Peace
 Turquoise .. Good Luck, Health

Although I do not do custom orders, I will keep in mind any of your special wishes, and hopefully, you will see them on these pages at some point!

Please e-mail me at Kkimlimit@aol.com with any requests, Ideas for the "wish list" and for information on purchasing items. Enjoy browsing, and have a beautiful day!

Thanks again, happy days to you all, bye from KIM
Kim is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile artists of the Southwest. She has, however, been devoting her time and talents to the ancient art of glass beadmaking, also known as "Flameworking" or "Lampworking." Using rods of colored glass melted over a special torch, the artist creates beautiful beads...colored glass paintings in miniature.

She offers some of these projects for sale on this site. While most of the pieces shown as gallery items have been sold and cannot be exactly duplicated, any piece can be replicated. If you would like to make these pieces on your own, simply purchase materials at your local Michaels craft stores. If you click here, you can get a 40% discount off a specific item from Michaels. In addition, some products can be found at Harry and David so if you are interested in making future purchases you can save with Free Shipping at Harry & David.

Hodge-Podge of Beads and Stones